Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

One of the perils of living in an always connected world is falling into the trap of thinking that our happiness rests on the newest technological marvel or gadget. That getting more Facebook “likes” will somehow make us more happy and successful.

This is far from true as anyone who has pursued those things could tell you – if they’re being honest.

Now the simple things in life, that’s where happiness lies. When you take the time to acknowledge them you can become almost instantly a more happier and less anxious person.

Here’s a couple of of the straightforward things I’m grateful for each day. Are any of your favorites on the list?

Morning Coffee

Talk about a great morning companion that never lets you down. Now some may prefer tea, but the principle is the same. Having that little harmless boost in the morning is something to be enjoyed and relished. Think about how much less we’d get done without it!

A Good Book.

Sitting back and relaxing with an honest book in hand are some things that, thankfully, the digital age still hasn’t managed to require from us. Novel or non-fiction alike the effects of reading are to not only make us a bit smarter, but also serve as a sort of meditation. I love a good movie as much as the next person, but reading and happiness truly come hand in hand.

A Good Laugh.

Yes, laughter is the best medicine. Each and every day there’s the opportunity to enjoy a good laugh. This is a simple pleasure even babies get to enjoy! This may be one of the simplest pleasures, but it’s also one of the best. When things are tough finding something to laugh about can break a downward emotional spiral and have you looking at the bright side of things again. Laugh loud and laugh often!

Spending Time With A Pet.

Dogs and cats can both be man’s best friend. Did you know there’s been studies that spending time playing with a dog or cat has even been shown to lower high blood pressure? If this doesn’t prove my point nothing will! A dog or a cat are an important reminder to the simple pleasures of life and the joys of unconditional love. Give yours an extra treat today.

Watching the Sunset.

It’s hard to explain why watching the sunset can bring so many of us peace. Maybe it’s a throwback to our days when man (and woman) lived closer to nature. Rather than rushing home to get dinner ready, why not take a minute to look outside and bask in nature’s beauty. It’s a simple joy we should all be happy to be able to witness again and again.

An Uncluttered Home.

Call me a neat freak, but i really like the serenity that comes along side having a neat house or apartment – especially the bedroom. This always inspires a smile and the ability to cool down from life’s stresses more effectively. If you surround yourself with chaos, it may be a simple and cost free way you can free up some energy blockages and experience more happiness every day. Why not give it a try?

If you take the time to enjoy the simple things in life more happiness is the end result. And after all that’s what our Guide is all about obtaining isn’t it