Exercise and Nutrition

One of the foremost important parts of my life is health and fitness. Without any doubt training and eating well bring me a ton of happiness. Back in the early days of planning these articles this love for exercise left me wondering is this just a personal hobby of mine or was something deeper occurring.

Well I dug into the topic of exercise, nutrition and happiness and the research is really exciting stuff! We could probably devote a whole new Guide to it one day its so important!

There’s been a stack of recent studies from some of the top Universities in the world that show without a doubt the more we exercise the happier we’ll be. Just as a quick example, Stanford University’s research showed that the act of moving around (running or walking) and some resistance training, almost killed incidents of depression in the students studied. These weren’t full force athletes either. The level of athletic performance was irrelevant.

Just being physical was enough for them to possess happier lives!

The rest of the studies I’ve looked at are just as positive. Maybe more importantly, this research is backed up by my own life experiences as well as those of the people I know. I’m sure yours confirms it too.

So if we’d like to really achieve happiness, we need to adopt a lifestyle where exercise and nutrition are truly a priority.

Keep these things in mind, especially if you’ve been sedentary for a period of time and need some extra guidance in getting back into shape.

Pace Yourself.

If you are out of shape, start off slow. This makes it much more likely you will be able to stick with your new approach to exercise and fitness. Even walking thirty minutes each day and doing pushups and crunches while

cutting out junk food is a nice beginning. After this join a gym and get even more serious.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help.

Many people aren’t sure how to put together a workout program or diet. This is hardly an obstacle at all, unless you allow it to be one. There’s no shortage of good Guides on the subject that will tell you all you need to know and do. You could even hire a personal trainer for a few sessions if your finances allow. You are investing in both your health and happiness so believe me this is money well spent!

Expect Sudden Benefits.

Just through the dopamine boost from regular exercise sessions you can expect almost instant mental benefits. It may take some time to see the results in the mirror, certainly, but feeling happier will likely hit you right away!

Dopamine is the so-called “happy chemical” and nothing brings it on like breaking a sweat.

More Energy Will Equal More Opportunities To Be Happy.

Eating more healthy will offer you more sustainable energy. So will keeping your weight within the healthy range for your height and bone structure. Having more energy will offer you more fuel to be happier. This will carry over into all areas of your life – work, school (if you are a student), your hobbies and even your sex life. The more energy you have to devote to these important parts of life, the better they will run and the happier you will be. More focus on nutrition and exercise will reward you again and again. And that’s something to be happy about.

Your body is your temple. On the path towards a happier lifestyle make it a friend rather than a foe!