The power of gratitude. This is one of the rare places where everyone from scientists, to self-help coaches, to New Age teachers agree. It’s an important a part of being happy and also one among the areas where those that aren’t happy are presumably to possess neglected.

It’s also easy to cultivate.

If you’re having a drag feeling grateful keep this stuff in mind. They are sure to help.

Start a Gratitude Journal.

Pick up a notebook and keep it next to your bed. Every morning as soon as you open your eyes write a few sentences about what you feel grateful for. Be creative. Just before you tuck yourself certain bed review your morning’s notes and write some more about the items that you’ve experienced throughout the day that you also feel grateful for. Do this for at least thirty days without taking a break. Many prefer to continue this exercise way beyond the thirty day mark, since it brings them such a far better outlook on life. See what you think.

Help The Less Fortunate.

Let’s face it though we may have it tough at times, there’s always someone who is doing much worse. A sure way to cultivate gratefulness for our own situation is to lend a hand when we can. This may mean volunteering a day at the homeless shelter, visiting the old age home or even adopting a rescue cat or dog. There’s a real mysterious wonder about acts like these. The universe seems to recognize this type of act and often responds with unexpected rewards!

Connect With Friends And Loved Ones.


Sometimes we fall into the trap of taking those closest to us for granted. In reality, these are the people who we should show the MOST appreciation towards. They’re the ones who we can turn to when the going gets tough and you need a shoulder to lean on. Make a point of showing your inner circle how important they are and how grateful you are for their support. They deserve it don’t they?

Even if they aren’t perfect.

Remember To Say Thank You.

The simple “thank you” falls into our short list of magic words and phrases you’re learning here in our Guide.

Saying it often will inspire responses that are sure to set off chain reactions that will lead you to happier experiences.
Fewer and fewer people seem to share even basic manners and courtesy, with each other. When you show this respect, especially with older people, you create a loop of positive energy that can be rejuvenating. All just from saying “thank you” with an open smile more? Yes. This is easily verifiable. I’ve not seen anyone who put this suggestion to the test not found themselves happier in a week’s time or less.

What may seem like small adjustments to how we act, how we speak or how we think are really anything but minor. They all add up and when we get enough of them on our side the scale will shift in the favor of happiness. After this don’t be shocked when your dream life quickly manifests. Cultivating gratitude is an important part of the equation. I’m grateful you’re taking the time to work on it. The results will be amazing!