We can choose how we frame all of our life experiences. And how we choose to frame our experiences sets the stage for our emotional state which often inspire our NEXT set of experiences.

This is the reason people who go about their day with a frown on their face and a terrible attitude end up having bad event after bad event spring up all around them.

Their negative mindset becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy… they curse themselves and kill their chances of being happy.

In many important ways we create our own reality. Our mindset can be thought of as the script writer or director of our life experiences and we can choose the plot of our story. When we opt for positivity, what seemed like a sad tale or even a horror movie can become a love story or adventure!

Are you ready to change your life’s plot by opting for positivity? Great, I thought you would be!

These ideas will help:

Listen To Music (and watch movies) That Lift Your Mood.

Where we address for entertainment features a great effect on how we view the planet . Dark and depressing music and movies can make it very difficult for us to shift our mindset towards positivity.

This only makes sense doesn’t it?
Take a glance at what you hear within the car and on your player. Is this music that creates you smile and consider life’s bright possibilities or does it have the other effect? The same question should be asked about the movies and television shows you watch for entertainment.

Making a move to wash this stuff up can have an incredible effect on your subconscious . Of course an occasional scary movie won’t hurt if that’s what you enjoy, but do your best to indulge in music and movies that work with your goal of thinking positive, NOT against it.

Challenge Your Negative Thoughts Immediately with Positivity

Negative thoughts can and will creep into our minds. It’s unavoidable, especially in the beginning when we are just picking up the habit of holding a positive mindset. The trick is not letting them take root. By challenging them immediately with positivity we can deflate them of having any real influence over us. Whenever you feel yourself thinking negatively, re-frame your thoughts and consider the positive side of what’s occurring. For this technique to work properly you must QUICKLY challenge these negative thoughts. The more you delay the more harm they will do.

Make A Powerful Set Of Affirmations.

We’ve already explored the power our words hold over our happiness. Now let’s go deeper and use this knowledge to help boost our mindset with a daily affirmation.

An affirmation is simply a positive statement that you repeat to yourself first thing in the morning and before you go to sleep in the evening. It can also be used whenever you feel stressed out or your thoughts are drifting away from positivity.

Now you can write your own or you can use this famous one created by one of the original self-help authors in the early 1900’s… “Each day, in every way, I am getting better and better”. If you select to write down your own make certain to phrase things that you simply want and appreciate NOT negative things you’re trying to avoid. So instead of saying “I’m not fat” you would say “I am fit and healthy”. It’s a secret to how our minds work that will make your affirmations take hold quicker and with more effect. Our minds can be tricky things!

The more positive your mindset, the happier you’ll be. So please take these suggestions and concepts very seriously.