Surround Yourself with Loved Ones

A happy life is all about being around people we love and care about. We all need to spend time outside these circles, but being around that annoying co-worker or angry teacher who we just can’t make a reference to makes the time we spend with loved ones and things even more important.

It gives us time to let down our guard, decompress and just have some plain old fashioned fun. This is what achieving a cheerful life is all about.

The benefits of surrounding yourself with loved ones are pretty incredible.

Parents are Happier and Live Longer.

There’s no love like that between caring parents and children. Now I’m not suggesting you have children before your time, but did you know parents with good relationships with their children have longer, happier lives? Studies confirm this. Mothers who stay close with their children live on average ten years longer than women who don’t have children! That’s a benefit of being around loved ones that’s jaw dropping.

The Validation That Comes With Mutual Understanding.

It’s a unique form of happiness to be understood. Except in the rarest of circumstances (like love at first sight!) this type of mutual understanding can only be found when you are with your loved ones.

They know you and you recognize them deeply and your conversations and interactions can go far beyond the surface level. This validates both yourself and your loved ones dynamically and the end result is a happiness that you will carry with you even when you are apart.

Knowing You Have People You Can Count On.

Part of achieving happiness is removing the maximum amount unnecessary stress and anxiety from your life as possible. One huge cause of negative emotions is uncertainty in times of turmoil. Surrounding yourself with loved ones offers some insulation from this sort of pressure which will drain you of both happiness and momentum towards success. Loved ones will do all they can do to help you when you need it. Just knowing they are close can be a huge boost to both happiness and confidence.

Access to Honest Viewpoints

In our circle of loved ones most of us have at least one person we can count on to be brutally honest when necessary. It may be a brother, sister, cousin or life long friend, but whoever it may be they can be your most valuable resource.

New friends often don’t have the courage to be blunt and honest for fear of hurting feelings. This is only natural.

This access to an honest, though possibly painful, viewpoint may not seem like a source of happiness, but ultimately it is. Living without this type of counsel can be a true challenge. In the end of the day you’ll live a happier life, the longer you’ve got the sort of trusting relationship with a beloved that permits even the harshest things to be said (when your best interests are at heart).

Keep an open door policy with loved ones. Everyone concerned will be much happier you did!