Why Are You Not Happy?

It makes excellent sense to think about why you are not happy. After all, it’s much easier to cure a problem when you have an understanding of some of its causes and symptoms.

You are a Worrier

The world can be roughly split between worriers and warriors. Those who over-worry are, of course, much unhappier. Now being a “warrior”, in this sense, has nothing to do with things like violence or the military. It’s

all about having the courage to face what life has to offer. How much time a day and night do you spend worrying?

Don’t you think that there’s far more constructive ways to spend your time?Of course there is.

You are a Grudge Holder

There’s times in life when people do things to us that are downright nasty. It’s a fact which we can’t escape. What we can escape however is how we react to these situations. By holding a grudge we release a sort of slow poison in our own system that’s guaranteed to slowly kill our happiness. Not only does this NOT effect the person who did us wrong, but it actually damages us on top of whatever wrong we initially experienced (real or imagined). Forgiving and forgetting has been universal spiritual advice for a good reason. It keeps us happy!

You Play the Comparison Game

Happiness is not about what you “have” compared to others, despite what the overwhelmingly materialistic bias of our culture may tell you. If your neighbor has the newest television, you purchasing an equivalent television subsequent day won’t ever make you truly happy. Happiness is based on internal factors more than not, and when you play the comparison game I can guarantee you, you will NEVER come out a winner.

You Isolate Yourself

Loneliness is a terrible feeling. Things seem much worse and problems much more daunting when you consider and face them alone. If you’ve got the tendency to isolate yourself this might be an enormous a part of why you are feeling unhappy. Humans are social creatures. We need to be around others who we care about and who care about us to be happy.

You Surround Yourself with Negative People

Negative people spread unhappiness like a virus. If you look at your inner circle and it has more than its share of those who never have a good word to say, it’s time to make a big change. Not only is their outlook hurting their own chance of happiness, it’s hurting yours too!

You are Unhealthy

Poor diet and lack of exercise creates the perfect environment for unhappiness to take root. Your body is your temple and when it’s treated like a garbage can it’s not a shock that happiness will escape you. Have you ever noticed how much more pleasant fit people tend to be?

Now this list isn’t exhaustive, but it should be enough to offer you a thought which area (or areas) could also be causing you the foremost difficulty. Understanding the problem is our first step to overcoming it. So don’t worry, happiness is right around the corner!

Now it’s possible you’ll have some unique issue that’s wrecking your sense of well being. In that case, some serious self-reflection is in order. But my guess is you will be much, much more likely to find the root of your unhappiness in the list that follows. These are the things that drag the vast majority of us down, so take a minute to know your enemy!